The most valuable investment

In 2017 the world has reached the point which never existed before: Increased prosperity worldwide. We have more opportunities than ever. More aspects, more tools, and more decisions. The internet lets us learn much faster. It has become the best library ever. Types of professions are changing, and so, the types of investments, too.

But there is one thing which has remained outstanding. And this is us. Because the more conscious we get, the more consciously we will spend our time, money and energy.We have an impact on ourselves, our environment, and others. The way how you spend each moment of your life has a transformational power. 

What is actually putting energy in myself?

It is the BEST investment. Imagine a garden which has soil for both plants and weeds. It depends on you how often you take care of this garden. If you constantly take out weeds and water plants then, as time goes by, you will realize that the garden you have taken care of is full of useful plants.

What to conclude?

Being patient is vital. To get to know yourself takes time. Loving yourself takes even more. But once you have a deeper understanding of yourself, you become astonishingly powerful. It is worth the most! The key to get there is the constant action. Read books you're interested in. Meditate. Do sports. Do random stuff. Sharpen your eyes and widen your horizon! Try out new things and never settle for something you are not content with. But be careful! Sometimes it is just our perception that deceives us. 

Eating sprout in a big city

All of us have a priority, whether we are aware of it or not. The more conscious we are, the more self-beneficial priority we can build. Although priority setting is personal, and thus relative, there are some universal rules that apply to each of us. One of them is health and it has become an every day's topic. Since physical and mental health relates to each other, our external and internal activities also have an effect on each other. Meaning, if you, for example, eat something, it becomes one with you as you digest it (that's why the proverb says: you are what you eat). If it is true that what we consume affects our inner world, the question is: 

How can find and eat foods which surely nourish the body, sharpen the mind, improve the general state of feeling or increase energy level?

Well, in the nowadays' hectic world it can cost a lot of time and energy to find a reliable source of nutritional essentials our body and mind needs. This task seems even bigger for those living in a city. Unnaturally grown fruits and vegetables that are predominantly available at 80-90% of stores look good, but the taste and content of nutrients are likely not the same.

If it comes to nutrition, one of the most valuable sources is sprout. The number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients sprouts contain is hard to count. It grows in winter as well as in summer from seed and you don't need other than water, container and a few days to make it happen. In this video, there is a useful example of how i.e. alfalfa sprout can be grown. 

One of the most significant facts about sprout is that it's living food. It is said that the more living food you consume, the more alive you are. Eating sprouts is a unique experience for your body and a sensible boost for your performance. Since growing sprouts is cheap and doesn't require much energy, it is recommended at least to try it out. You have nothing to lose, furthermore, you may experience in and/or on your body changes that you have never noticed before. Sprouts are energizing, healthy, nutritional and most of all: natural.


In the previous blog post, I talked about why and how seemingly depressing happenings make 98% of people feel depressed. However, lots of books have been written about these psychological factors so I feel responsible for elaborating on it, too. If we admit that we can change on less outer and more inner circumstances than we think, then you're on the way to experience the significance of self-observation, either consciously or unconsciously.

What does self-observation mean?

There is a short scientifical definition for self-observation which is: the objective observation of one's own attitudes, reactions, or thought processes.
How does this work in reality?
As a practitioner, I can share my experiences and conclusions with you. It is fundamental to develop the personal skill of bringing everything into doubt. The meaning of independence is the ability and willingness to question every information we get. If you eat your food, you check the taste, smell, and texture before you eat it. Use the same method when you consume information as they have a profound impact on you.

The center of self-observation is the observation of your breath. Listen, explore, pay attention to each and every breath you take in and out. No matter, where you are. You breathe continuously, either you're aware of it or not. You can either travel on a crowded bus or speak on a job interview. If you practice this seemingly simple process of self-observation, you will realize that there is a much greater potential energy in you than you've ever thought. Pay attention to how you sit, stand, eat, speak, listen or touch. Observe each sense in you but don't try to change on them. Just let them as they are. We tend to overthink things. Let this happen, don't suppress it. But let these temporal impulses go. The aim of this practice is to stay neutral to the thoughts and emotions that arise in you

People think it is inevitable to describe or analyze spiritual practices to make them tangible. The mechanism of this approach will rarely or never give you the answer you're looking for. And it is because it is much harder to take apart a thing we want to understand and try to put the parts back together. It is likely that if we try to understand something on this way we will misunderstand it while believing that we have understood it. A great example for that is people's perception as they have more understandings and concepts on the same things than ever before.

The way to learn or understand something is to let it as it is and then observe it. The same rule applies to your relationships, too. The act of loving is letting and accepting without the desire to change others. As a result, it is not the less amount of "bad" things will happen to you but the more opportunities you will be able to notice which will make your mental life richer.

About the ups and downs of life

If we go out to nature and spend time by observing it, we soon realize that there is no sameness. Trees, animals, rocks, or even deserts are various. If we consider this to be an absolutely natural phenomenon, then we can conclude that change is one of the most common things of life. 

If this fact seems obvious to a lot of people, then why do we suffer when some unpleasant things happen to us? 

90% of the same things happen to all of us, still, we react to them in numerous ways. And these ways of reactions generate our emotions. But how can we react to things in order keep the negative energy away from us? The short answer: self-observation.

The long answer will run to a whole article... (to be continued.) 

What happens to your mind when you think you're old

It is interesting to experience that people after a certain age start to think that they are old. This seems a logical conclusion if we count our lifetime in years or by measurable time. But is it really possible to measure time? 

We don't know what time really is. We don't know when it all started and when it will end. Even the greatest minds have just theories about what time can be. The only time which can be measured is the time between birth and death. Thereby, every human being has a finite lifetime. 

What makes us feel that we are old? Or that we are older than five years ago? And what is its effect on the body of the self?

Our mind has unconsciously developed a storage of labels which we put on people automatically. Old, young, nice, ugly, polite, rude and so on. The use of the adjectives is the reason that prevents us from getting to know things as they really are. 

Thoughts have power. If you think that you are old, your body will react to this statement and will start to act like old body, even if it isn't. Every spoken word has a power beyond and it has an impact on your life. Both internally and externally. So whatever you state regarding yourself, it will become real on a long term. 

Those who look 15-20 or even 25 years younger than their age (such as Dan Millman) are indeed young. They don't think that they are getting old. And it is not the act of staying immature. Conversely, it is the reactivation of those senses that every human had used in their childhood. The art of enjoying even the most simple things in our life is a skill we got first after we were born. If it always there deep inside in every human being, then the question is: How can you use these senses again? And what value wil this bring to your life? (To be continued..)

Resistance is useless

It is very important to know what resistance really means. If we resist we do not let things happen as they should happen. We try to control a lot of things and thereby, we cut ourselves off from a fundamental mechanism of life which is the nature of accepting. Accept your family, friends, circumstances but most importantly: yourself.

Lots of oriental teachings such as the Zen says: live and experience everything as it is. Do not think or produce prejudices about things. Just experience its real nature like a 2 years old child. By practicing this, you will unconsciously reduce the number of thoughts bothering your mind. On a long term, you will realize that in reality there are way fewer things that bother you.

It is just our thoughts that push things away from their real nature. At the point when we realize this, we can start experiencing without limiting our senses. And as a result, we can live more and think less. 

Why Instagram boosts your productivity

Instagram has become a vital part of daily life. It is a great tool to share moments of our life and work. The more time you spend consciously by posting pictures about what you do, the bigger chance is that you will take a good match with someone interested in your business.

As a photographer, maintaining a good content quality can be challenging on the long-run. In terms of business, the world is becoming a more competitive field every day. However, new opportunities will always arise. It is important to constantly develop yourself to notice good opportunities. It is also important to take the seemingly irrelevant decisions, too, as they will contribute to your future success on the long run. 

But what is the true productivity booster in Instagram? 

As you time one it, considering what your gallery, profile, and bio should be, you will realize that in order to get more followers, it is vital to post regularly. This is the way how you can show that your business is active and up-to-date. On the other hand, it is really inspiring to see how fast you can build a quality reference of your work. Doesn't matter what your profession is, if your plan is to increase income as a self-employed in the future then it is a must to build a professional Instagram portfolio.

The presence of Instagram is increasing. Nowadays, it can easily happen that on a social event you will be asked first about your social media contacts instead of your website address. So make sure that you invest enough energy and effort to create quality content on social media as in the next five years they may be the leading communication channels on the globe. The earlier you start the earlier you become successful. Good luck!