The most valuable investment

In 2017 the world has reached the point which never existed before: Increased prosperity worldwide. We have more opportunities than ever. More aspects, more tools, and more decisions. The internet lets us learn much faster. It has become the best library ever. Types of professions are changing, and so, the types of investments, too.

But there is one thing which has remained outstanding. And this is us. Because the more conscious we get, the more consciously we will spend our time, money and energy.We have an impact on ourselves, our environment, and others. The way how you spend each moment of your life has a transformational power. 

What is actually putting energy in myself?

It is the BEST investment. Imagine a garden which has soil for both plants and weeds. It depends on you how often you take care of this garden. If you constantly take out weeds and water plants then, as time goes by, you will realize that the garden you have taken care of is full of useful plants.

What to conclude?

Being patient is vital. To get to know yourself takes time. Loving yourself takes even more. But once you have a deeper understanding of yourself, you become astonishingly powerful. It is worth the most! The key to get there is the constant action. Read books you're interested in. Meditate. Do sports. Do random stuff. Sharpen your eyes and widen your horizon! Try out new things and never settle for something you are not content with. But be careful! Sometimes it is just our perception that deceives us.