Resistance is useless

It is very important to know what resistance really means. If we resist we do not let things happen as they should happen. We try to control a lot of things and thereby, we cut ourselves off from a fundamental mechanism of life which is the nature of accepting. Accept your family, friends, circumstances but most importantly: yourself.

Lots of oriental teachings such as the Zen says: live and experience everything as it is. Do not think or produce prejudices about things. Just experience its real nature like a 2 years old child. By practicing this, you will unconsciously reduce the number of thoughts bothering your mind. On a long term, you will realize that in reality there are way fewer things that bother you.

It is just our thoughts that push things away from their real nature. At the point when we realize this, we can start experiencing without limiting our senses. And as a result, we can live more and think less.