What happens to your mind when you think you're old

It is interesting to experience that people after a certain age start to think that they are old. This seems a logical conclusion if we count our lifetime in years or by measurable time. But is it really possible to measure time? 

We don't know what time really is. We don't know when it all started and when it will end. Even the greatest minds have just theories about what time can be. The only time which can be measured is the time between birth and death. Thereby, every human being has a finite lifetime. 

What makes us feel that we are old? Or that we are older than five years ago? And what is its effect on the body of the self?

Our mind has unconsciously developed a storage of labels which we put on people automatically. Old, young, nice, ugly, polite, rude and so on. The use of the adjectives is the reason that prevents us from getting to know things as they really are. 

Thoughts have power. If you think that you are old, your body will react to this statement and will start to act like old body, even if it isn't. Every spoken word has a power beyond and it has an impact on your life. Both internally and externally. So whatever you state regarding yourself, it will become real on a long term. 

Those who look 15-20 or even 25 years younger than their age (such as Dan Millman) are indeed young. They don't think that they are getting old. And it is not the act of staying immature. Conversely, it is the reactivation of those senses that every human had used in their childhood. The art of enjoying even the most simple things in our life is a skill we got first after we were born. If it always there deep inside in every human being, then the question is: How can you use these senses again? And what value wil this bring to your life? (To be continued..)