Eating sprout in a big city

All of us have a priority, whether we are aware of it or not. The more conscious we are, the more self-beneficial priority we can build. Although priority setting is personal, and thus relative, there are some universal rules that apply to each of us. One of them is health and it has become an every day's topic. Since physical and mental health relates to each other, our external and internal activities also have an effect on each other. Meaning, if you, for example, eat something, it becomes one with you as you digest it (that's why the proverb says: you are what you eat). If it is true that what we consume affects our inner world, the question is: 

How can find and eat foods which surely nourish the body, sharpen the mind, improve the general state of feeling or increase energy level?

Well, in the nowadays' hectic world it can cost a lot of time and energy to find a reliable source of nutritional essentials our body and mind needs. This task seems even bigger for those living in a city. Unnaturally grown fruits and vegetables that are predominantly available at 80-90% of stores look good, but the taste and content of nutrients are likely not the same.

If it comes to nutrition, one of the most valuable sources is sprout. The number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients sprouts contain is hard to count. It grows in winter as well as in summer from seed and you don't need other than water, container and a few days to make it happen. In this video, there is a useful example of how i.e. alfalfa sprout can be grown. 

One of the most significant facts about sprout is that it's living food. It is said that the more living food you consume, the more alive you are. Eating sprouts is a unique experience for your body and a sensible boost for your performance. Since growing sprouts is cheap and doesn't require much energy, it is recommended at least to try it out. You have nothing to lose, furthermore, you may experience in and/or on your body changes that you have never noticed before. Sprouts are energizing, healthy, nutritional and most of all: natural.